Interview: Marjorie Jean Explores Guadalupe

For the passionate traveler, traveling is more about the journey than the actual destination.  In this interview with healthcare professional and travel lover, Marjorie Jean, we discuss why she traveled to her latest destination and the lessons learned during the experience.

1. What motivated you to choose Guadalupe as a vacation destination?

When it comes to traveling for me, providing that there’s a deal and time, I’m there.

2. Sometimes even the most savvy traveler envisions the experience they wish to have while in a new destination. Did you have any expectations about your experience before you arrived? Was there anything in particular you wanted to conquer?

I’m far from a savvy traveler; however, I do know a thing or two about traveling.  My sole goal whenever I do travel is to set my expectations when I get there. I will not travel unless I can have the attitude that I will enjoy the discovery and everything else is planned when I get there. I booked my stay two hours before my flight. I had the attitude that things were going to be good and if they weren’t, I was going to improvise.

3. What new information did you learn about Guadalupe that you didn’t previously know or read? Was there anything that surprised you?

I knew that Guadeloupe was a French colony like Haiti once was. In 2015, we no longer use the word colony but territory. The culture surprised me. The people are some of the warmest people I’ve ever met, the intersection between the French and creole culture was unexpected. Guadeloupe is beautiful, it is vast, there’s so much to do in terms of exploration and there are in fact two Guadeloupe (basse-terre et Grand-terre) connected by a bridge. I didn’t expect the infrastructure to be so advanced. The creole culture is so rich and the people so proud.

4. What did you learn about yourself while there?

I brushed up on my French since I spoke French the entire time I was there. I also learned their creole. Very few people in Guadeloupe speak English so you are expected to have some willingness to want to speak the language while you’re there.

5. Do you feel you conquered your destination? Do you ever need to go back?

I was there for three nights, I saw a lot for the little time I was there. I plan to return in 2016 for a week. Doing the trek to La souffrière (the volcano) mirrored my life journey which is physically taxing and painful, terrifyingly scary, adventurous and exciting.

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