It’s All Greek to Me!

Yeah, yeah, corny I know, but I couldn’t help myself. So this year’s spring break was pretty doggone amazing and the first stop was Athens, Greece. I spent a total of 4 days and 3 nights in Athens. Two were spent at the beginning of the trip and one at the end. And I’m actually mad at myself for not spending more time. See, I chose the number of days based on the recommendations of others who stated that two days was all you really needed in Athens. Now, I’m wondering what on Earth those people were doing or not doing to think so little time is needed to enjoy the city and all it’s wonderful cultural offerings? Advice: Be prepared to be disappointed by other people’s suggestions. Always base how you navigate your travels on the kind of traveler you are.

I flew Aegean and it was ok. No frills or extras and very basic. Getting a taxi was easy and it’s a 38 euro flat fee from the airport to anywhere in Athens. If you feel comfortable, take the metro. It’s cheaper and will get you to pretty much anywhere within a couple of blocks. I arrived at 4 am so I opted to take a taxi as I wasn’t sure I wanted to be walking those Athens streets so early in the morning and especially since it was still dark. And it’s a good thing! I saw riot police out in full force and it totally freaked me out. While there I learned that they come out every night due to the off and on protests that have been happening in the city for a few years now. Luckily, nothing popped off while I was there.

img_0576For my accommodations upon the first part of my stay, I stayed at the budget-friendly and cute Best Western Museum Hotel located in an area that was conducive to walking and surrounded by a ton of cafes and markets. In fact, I found some of the biggest, sweetest strawberries at an outdoor market for two euros. The continental breakfast was included (I try to only stay in hotels that offer this) and there is a bar to enjoy a not-too-fancy cocktail if you choose. There is an area on the roof to eat (and take dope pictures), but no rooftop bar, cafe or pool. There was also tons of street art throughout Athens. It was an adventure taking pics of it all over the city.

When I came back from Turkey, I flew Turkish Air which was a much better flight experience and I stayed at Fresh Hotel. This hotel was super duper posh and modern. The place and the service was phenomenal. They helped me to deal with a pretty hairy situation and were great and supportive throughout the entire ordeal. On top of that, my room was amazing and the views from bathroom and wraparound balcony were spectacular.

I ate at two places that stood out, A for Athens Cocktail Bar and Attinaus. I was introduced to saganaki and mastika at Attinaus and enjoyed an amazing Greek salad and grilled prawns that were cooked to perfection. A for Athens Cocktail Bar had an amazing view of the Acropolis lit up at night along with good food to boot.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed Athens and cannot wait to experience it again, along with other areas of Greece.

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