It seems I’ve come to the juncture in my life, where this particular blog doesn’t serve me the way that I need it to. So I have decided then I am going to create a new blog. One that better reflects this current stage and this new journey that I am on. Being newly uncoupled with no children living at home, in a new place by myself is a stage that I didn’t quite envision for myself right now, but here I am nonetheless. And so, I have a lot of feelings about this time in my life. Some of which I am having a hard time grappling with myself. I want to take the time to explore these feelings, unpack them, interrogate them and make sense of them. And some I simply want to go away.

This blog was about my travels. It was about me and my daughter going on this big adventure outside of the United States of America, living and working and being in different countries. This was about us and our lives together- me being a mom, her being a kid and us making the best of what to many is a challenging situation, but for us it was truly, undoubtedly, a beautiful moment in time. But now that I am alone, there is a new adventure that I have to begin to make sense of. I need to figure out how the hell to navigate this new life, this aloneness with a modicum of sanity intact.

I need space to talk about my weight loss journey, the new country I’m living in, the aloneness I feel, and liking someone who is unavailable. Oh yeah and the writing, or lack there of, of my dissertation. I need space to talk about my highs and my lows, my challenges and my celebrations, and just plain ole grown woman shit. This blog was never meant to be that. And so I bid this blog a fond farewell. Thank you to anyone who shared time and space with me here. Hopefully you’ll join me on the next chapter of this journey of life.

2 thoughts on “Queenager”

  1. It would be wonderful if I had words of wisdom or of comfort to share, but I DON’T, which saddens me. What I do know is that being alone is physical, while loneliness is emotional. I can tell you that you are strong–one of the strongest take-charge women I’ve encountered, but I recognize that even strong people get tired sometimes. I can also tell you to enjoy this new country and this new job and the experiences that come with it, because you will eventually. You like a challenge. I pray fervently that you press forward and recenter yourself, so that any aloneness you feel is physical, rather than emotional because there are many people you’ve encountered along the way who admire and care about you. I am one of them. You taught me to dream bigger! Don’t you dare stop dreaming!!!! The world needs more Cynthias. Denise

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